Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well folks I've got more pictures for you. You may remember my last "photo shoot" around the LA river, I mentioned being uncomfortable under the overpass at a part of the LA River but vowed to go back. Well go back I did, and yup once again timing wasn't right. There were a few homeless men visible and one had a dog, not to mention kid gangsters (probably adding their work to the mass of graffiti). So, we decided against going into the concrete river. I did take a few more pictures of the area though, some areas I missed last time.

This is the underpass of the bridge, right by where you cut into the river.

Graffiti in the dry canal.

I liked this face (in the background), it was on each of those support columns in the second row.

Me scouting out some angles.

I was not going to be thwarted again though, I really wanted some river shots. Determined, we decided instead to try the 4th and 6th street bridges over the urban river (historic landmarks in LA). And BINGO!!! Though, I must say, cutting through the fence and walking down was DEFINITELY against my better judgment! I got a few great shots though. But, my adrenaline was pumping...and yes we had a run in with some homeless men...and I was scared out of my mind. But...worth it (only because I'm alive).

So we jumped on the freeway and headed downtown, to then explore the area by I guess what's considered the "bank" of a concrete river. The area was skid row meets industrial. Yes we saw someone pooping in a box (seriously), trany prostitutes and someone laying on the street bleeding a lot (probably a stab wound) police on the way (we did not linger there, yeah, it was scary!). A ways away from the bleeding man, we found this:

More of LA's concrete maze (aka freeway), some of my favorite subjects.

The street here wasn't even really a street, just pavement...I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to be there...oh well.

Finally I turn down this street, directly perpendicular to the river, right next to the fence city and the river.

I saw this hole, parked and said "Let's go in." Stevie was worried, but reluctantly agreed.

It was amazing, but quite scary. However, suffice it to say, we were not alone down there.

The view the other direction. The tracks are right by the river, but we didn't feel safe enough to venture closer to the river.

Directly to the left of where I was for this...yeah some dude start stirring under a tarp. Not that big of a deal, he wasn't going to bother us. But freaked none the less, we headed to the car.

Of course, when we get inside the car and I review my shots, I decide I have to have a few more. Steven wisely says it's a bad idea. But right as I'm about to jump out and grab a few more shots, BAM, two men are about five feet in front of me (I was still in the car, thank goodness). I OMFG'd but my only reaction was to wave...yeah I waved at the homeless men coming to check out who was invading their turf. They proceeded to climb through the hole and the fence toward us...and we proceeded to swiftly drive away.

After this, we stopped by Broadway in downtown. So here's some of that.

This part of downtown is so interesting, it's a conglomerate of beautiful, old (some of the oldest in LA) edifices, every detail noted that has been neglected and now plated with grit.

The lighting was perfect today...I call this time of day happy hour (because yeah it's happy hour in the bars but the sun is setting, so you get this dramatic side lighting, I love was happy hour for all the shots I have from today).

I was so fascinated by the beautiful tile; covered in dirt...cracked...wishing, hoping for before.

The Orpheum, still beautiful, still open, but a bit seedy now.

Everything still had an elaborate sign from when this was THE place, upscale theatres, shops, etc. But now it's more of a street level flea market...who knows what fills the in some I guess.

This was hilarious, this guy kept leaning into Steven's space, so he would lean away.

They both realized I was snapping away at the same they turned at the same time, it was perfect. Plus, he was so little, he made Steve look like a giant.

More of the unique tile work around and Steven.

Edifices downtown. Look at the detail on the buildings, it's incredible.

I'm pretty sure no matter where I am, I'll always know what time it is in LA.

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