Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Festival Pictures

After one crazy weekend, too many nights with too little sleep, and soooo much good music, I'm back in school and work and reality.  Pretty much I'm too wrecked to even write a decent Coachella debrief post right now, so this post is going to be primarily photos.  But rest assured a catch-up post is in the works, and I'll let you know all about the festival.


Passion Pit

Pretty Lights

Melissa and Rob

Echo & the Bunnymen

Fever Ray

Fever Ray

End of Night One

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well guys, I'm off to Coachella tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. Will definitely try and take a few pictures to post up.  

PS in other news I got a swindled by a sweet old lady today, haha. Yeah, that happened to me...frankly the whole story is too shameful to even post. But she was seemingly sweet and old and in distress and totally played me. Right.  

Well, buenos noches amigos. Adios.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cherry Blossom Girl

So what does Spring + our nation's capital equal?  That's right, CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!  Okay, pretty sure a lot more is  going on in DC than flowers, but literalllllly millions of people descend upon the city to come see these pretty little guys.  And, for all the hype they are quite beautiful, especially when combined with all the other flora that is also blossoming, it makes for pretty happy living.

I must say, I love that there are people out all over the city now, but I happen to both work and attend school downtown, at the doorstep of this little gathering and hordes of people are making my commute a bit more of nuisance than it already is - I mean the metro trains are already packed like sardines at rush hour, now multiply by 10, all the time, and that means times when you can't even board the train but must wait for the next one.  Anyway, I promised my mom I'd take some pictures for her, so here they are mom.

So, as you can hopefully see from this picture, the real trick while taking pictures was how to get a nice picture of the scenery without 600 people in the background.  Pretty pretty tough.

So until I can make it to Japan, I'll have to hop from stone to stone listening to "Alone in Kyoto" by Air like Scarlett in Lost in Translation with these cherry blossoms - not a shabby alternative. Thanks for the trees Japan!