Friday, February 25, 2011

Banksy Buzz

LA's been all about BANKSY recently. See the Oscar's are Sunday, and senor Banksy and his movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop" are up for Best Documentary.

"Crayola Shooter" on the Urban Outfitter's in Westwood -
which I walk by everyday
So "Banksy" has been tagging tinseltown for the last week and a half or so.  Annnnd, of the seven new Banksy works that popped up this month (that I know of), 4 of them are on the very route I commute on - or were, two have already been removed.  Pretty pretty awesome.

Okay The LA Banksy tour recap in case you want to wander around LA and check them out:  There are 5 still up that I know of.  "Crayola shooter" is still up in Westwood, "Livin' the Dream" - the billboard on Sunset has been taken down, "Charlie Brown arsonist" - which was on an abondoned burned down buidling in West Hollywood, was stolen or removed or something, "Dog Wizz" is in Beverly Hills and is still up, and I haven't seen the other three, "Kite Caution," "Crayola House Foreclosure," and "This looks a bit like an elephant" but I think they're still up. Recap photo from here.

Okay, where are they: Just click on the map to go to the actual google map for more precise locations.

UPDATE: "Kite Caution" and "Crayola House Foreclosure" are no more...gone...removed by thieves or the owner or something.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Under the Influence...

Cover's playlist!  Okay, so Rob and I made a music mix comprised solely of cover's; only rule was we had to know the cover as a cover, ie knew the original first.  It was crazy how many amazing cover's we came across.  We found so many awesome one's we ended up having massive creative differences on which one's would actually make the CD, but after a time-out, we were finally able to settle on this list:

All Time High  Pulp covering Rita Coolidge
Weighted Down  Beck Record Club covering Skip Spence
Everyday is like Sunday  the Pretenders covering Morissey
It's all over now, Baby Blue  Them feat. Van Morrison covering Bob Dylan
The Headmaster Ritual  Radiohead covering the Smiths
Within You Without You  Sonic Youth covering the Beatles
Temptation  Diana Krall covering Tom Waits
Lover Lover Lover  Ian McCulloch covering Leonard Cohen
Love will never tear us apart  the Cure covering Joy Division
Darklands  Primal Scream covering the Jesus and Mary Chain
Creep  the Pretenders covering Radiohead
Bird on a Wire  Johnny Cash covering Leonard Cohen
Disco 2000  Nick Cave covering Pulp
Pale Blue Eyes  Patti Smith covering the Velvet Underground
My Girl  the Jesus and Mary Chain covering the Temptations
People Are Strange  Echo & the Bunnymen covering the Doors
Into the Groove(y)  Ciccone Youth covering Madonna
What a Wonderful World  Nick Cave covering Louis Armstrong

The Whitey Album cover 
Only going to listen to one?  Okay, pick Into the Groove(y).  Like we needed another reason to be consumed by Sonic Youth, but here it is: Ciccone Youth!  Ciccone Youth is this amazing, twisted, experimental side-project from the members of Sonic Youth, all working under the guise/pseudonym...and a sort of homage to the superqueen of pop, Madonna, who was living in the same area of NYC when both groups were just starting out.  They cover 2 of her songs on the album and do a bunch of other weird stuff for the rest.  I love it!

Fun facts: Ciccone is actual Madonna's last name; the "band" formed in 1986 and put out 2 records, the Whitey Album started after the band joked about covering the Beatles; all the band members took on an alias (Thurston Moore = The Royal Tuff Titty, drummer Steve Shelley = SS Beat Control, Lee Ranaldo = The Sigh, Kim Gordon = Fly Fly Away) and did hilarous gag interviews, toured, etc.