Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All Things Considered

Things I like:

Dressing up when I clean my room and dancing in front of the mirror.

The Internet - I spend a lot of time with you.

Wearing hats.

Wearing hats in the park while I read a book.

Eating - no qualifications...but I do like trying ethnic food.

Things I don't like:

Grossly inappropriate workplace chatter.
Let me elaborate - as I know I've talked about work place etiquette before. Today at work my forty something boss and my nudging forty co-worker proceeded to talk about their menopausal mood swings. Wow. Yes, mildly amusing for me, but I had to feel bad for the guys around. Their discomfort was palpable. I almost spit up the drink I was currently consuming from shock, when my co-worker (age 37) says out of the blue: I think I'm going to the change (yes that's right, they kept referring to it as "the change"...please spare me). Then she proceeds to talk about how young she is and that her doctor thinks there must be another reason. Of course my boss chimes in about her experience, and how "I'm not a naturally patient person, but now I have no patience." Yeah, we know. Wow, really please think of common decency before indulging in front of this type of discussion in mixed company who are not your friends.
Rakes on cement.

The Internet - I spend a lot of time with you.

Family Pictures in matching clothes, especially polo shirts - don't hate me for this one, it's just how I feel.

In an unrelated note, I cut my hair, like 3 inches I guess. From this:

to this:

I honestly was really liking my grown out hair, and think I prefer it, but it is so much more low maintenance shorter, so I figured the easier the 'Do the better it'll look when I wake up in a hostel with 8 other people and don't have access to a straightener.

Maybe I'll make this a common thread too, an outlet to discuss things I like and don't like. And yes, I totally ripped the name off NPR.

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