About Me

Vital signs: 24, grad student.

Okay a little about me: I was born/raised in a little place deep in LA's suburban sprawl, the 909.  Seriously though, it's a pretty good place to grow up assuming you're into motocross, crystal meth, white people in tank tops, and bros in flat brimmed hats with raised trucks and tribal flaming ace of spade tattoos.

After a pretty normal childhood, aside from that whippit habit and an irrational fear of horses (have you seen the size of their teeth?), I went to school at BYU, yeah I know.  Anyway, 4 years later with a learned respect for the spaghetti monster, I got the hell out of Utah.

Now I'm in LA, getting a masters in epidemiology at UCLA and working at one of the labs on campus.  I believe I'm a pretty normal twenty-something: a bright-eyed wonderer incarcerated in the scholastic machine eventually driven to move back in with my parents to save money.  I plan to move out soon.  And, yes, I listen to my ipod on the bus.

A few things you may want to know:  I actively dislike the CBS network.  I spent time repairing books professionally.  And, I at one point tended to a fictional identity living in Ellicott City, Maryland.