Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Old School

Turns out that fire proof safe in my childhood home garage had some real gems inside. Most of these pictures are from the 40's, and are of my grandma and grandpa as twenty somethings. The picture right below is my great-grandma and grandpa.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mad as a Hatter

Wow, I made it out of DC! Possibly on one of the last flights out of the city. Left the blizzard and was greeted with 75 degrees and sunny skies in Los Angeles. Hallelujah.

Did you see the trailer for Alice in Wonderland? I'm generally a fan of all Tim Burton's strange, ludicrous, extravagant maneuvers; I don't expect this to be an exception, especially with Johnny Depp taking on the role of madcap milliner. Interesting bit of trivia: in the 1800s, hat makers used mercury to cure the felt, and thus were exposed to the highly toxic metal, resulting in confusion, slurred speech, loss of memory and coordination, anxiety...aka "the Mad Hatter Syndrome," a disorder immortalized by Lewis Carroll.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

After spending about 4 hrs in DMV related tasks this afternoon, I am now quite certain the DMV is the seventh circle of hell. Do beware.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lucent Dossier

I decided the other day I should make a portfolio. Okay, lets be real, my "portfolio" will probably end up consisting of an iphoto album of some pictures I like, maybe I'll get a few printed, and every once in awhile I'll look at it. But, compiling pictures is way more entertaining than studying or writing papers. Thus...a portfolio. So anyway, I was looking through some old pictures I had of Coachella, a music and arts festival in the desert outside of Los Angeles, and I came across LUCENT DOSSIER.

For those unfamiliar, Lucent is a dance troupe of sorts; fantastic yet insane, a Wes Anderson type circus meets David Lynch, pretty much how I imagine the journey through the rabbit hole. Okay, so they put on a good show. See them if you can. Plus, they make for some great photo subjects.

By the way, speaking of Wes, I'm a pretty big fan (I won't mention how many times I've seen Royal Tenenbaums or the Life Aquatic), so I'm really interested to see how his new one, the Fantastic Mr. Fox came out. If you saw it, let me know what you thought.

Some Lucent pictures from Coachella 2009:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Urban Art

Urban Renewal = Van Gogh Interpretations. Apparently this holds true all over the world.

Washington DC

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bonus points if you know who did the original of the middle left painting in the DC picture.