Monday, May 18, 2009

Music of the Week

I had a thought the other day: my blog is named after a song...I really like music, and finding new music...maybe I should have a weekly installment about, yes that's right, music.

Today's featured group: The Jesus and Mary Chain. I've been totally into them for a while, and recently they have cycled back into my regular playlists. Now guys, this group has been around. They formed in 1983 and were active all the way through the 90's, when they broke up...but no worries they're back and working on a new album.

I'm going to go ahead and describe these guys as the Velvet Underground meets Sex Pistols with a little Belle and Sebastian. While the guys never had too much commercial success their albums are critically lauded. You can feel the 80s in there music, but it totally fits and transcends the decade, still relevant today. (Listen to Head On from Automatic to see what I mean). Full of rock and roll, indie introspection before it was cool, and a great vocalist, this band works.

If you're checking them out for the first time, try their singles to ease you in ( Sometimes Always, Just Like Honey, Happy When It Rains). Their sound has evolved over the years, and the singles may help initiate you into their music.

Check them out in Lost In Translation during the closing scenes, an epic use of Just Like Honey. Or listen here, Sometimes Always ft. the always delightful Hope Sandoval.

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