Monday, May 11, 2009

Just Like Honey

As aforementioned, at the LA River overpass we wanted to take pictures at, we scared to stay and actually take time setting up pictures, etc. As a result, I just had my camera on the auto mode, however, the sky in all the shots came out infuriatingly overexposed. No matter, I spent a little time last night fixing that right up.

I swear, I'll make it to the actual cement river bottom before I leave in 15 days - that's right 15 DAYS!!!


Melissa said...

i literally sobbed when i saw/read your last post. i'm so envious of your life with our family, your future of over-achievement looming over your current afternoons of juvenile delinquency, the city of angels that i'll never quite know like you. maybe you can bring me here before we go...15 days and counting. funny how, at this moment, all i want is to be home again.

Melissa said...


is there a way on gimp to select specific areas to adjust exposure? the sky is gorgeous and so believable in the "fixed pictures" but now the landscape is too cartoony. like a scene out of who framed roger rabbit? or something. put the new sky on the old photo.

p.p.s you should watch that movie again. old hollywood at it's best.