Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello All! Mostly I wanted to do a short snippet today as I realized yesterday I had a post everyday this why not finish it. Well, it was my birthday today, YAY right. I'm now a whole 23 years old. Don't worry, I feel crazy about it too.

Something cool I learned as I checked my email today, May 22nd was also Mary Cassatt's birthday. I flat out love her, ever since I saw this painting as a teenager:

There is something so real about her work, and relevant even now a hundred years later. Plus who isn't a sucker for the impressionists. Very neat that we share the same birthday. Anyway, it was a pretty good day...the real party will be next week, yeah in London.

Just another thought: I mentioned I would like to do a weekly music post (which started Monday I think), I just realized I probably won't be able to make good on this considering I'm leaving the country in a few...not sure I'll blog about bands I'm into if I get the chance to update this thing (who am I kidding, this will be the first place I go in those remote internet cafes, no worries). So this music post thing I hope to start will have to stay on hold until maybe after summer. Too bad, usually a lot of good shows in summer.

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