Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walking On A Dream

Today is the one month mark!!! I leave for europe one month from today, and embark on a sort of new life. Meaning: yes I will be the same, friends, etc will be the same, but once I leave for europe not only will that be a completely new, possibly life-altering event (which contradicts my previous statement of "I will be the same" know what I mean...I'll still be me, just more informed or aware or something), but when I come back I'm moving to DC for a new job, new school, new city, new friends, new life sort of. Though I will miss much about my Provo and California years, I feel completely ready for this transition. Ready to segue.

Stream of conscious: while I was writing the first part of this, I originally had one exclamation point attached to the first sentance, then I added another because I felt the situation warranted excessive remark. However, upon looking it over I felt obliged to add another exclamation point, now totalling 3 exclamation points, because I thought 2 exclamations looked funny. Is that ridiculous or what, I thought it absurd and funny that I give time and thought to these sort of situations. So I decided to include and share my surpirsingly long thought process for the seemingly trivial 3-exclamation point first sentance.

Also, I cannot wait to 'up and quit' my job and leave everything I know. Ok, I do have a little anxiety. Like am I allowed to do this...I am quitting my job, emptying my savings, and waifing around europe (waifing in the homeless sense, not really the helpless sense...though who knows, you may find me the most ridiculous backpacker known, and then waifish in both the homeless and helpless sense). But really, you have no idea how much I can't wait to quit...I have grand dreams of storming out, yelling, and knocking things over. A real scene (not that they deserve it, they treat me well, I am just far to educated for this sort of menial labor...and I am not pretentious). Alas, I'm pretty sure my exit speech will be very civil and boring, no grand departure. My boss will be pissed though. It's in her nature. My sister sprung her "surprise" summer sebatical on her work and they're throwing her a bon voyage party...I don't think I'll get that treatment. More like a month of cut hours and scowls.


becca said...

i think i felt this exact same way last year when i was going to quit my job and go to china.

good luck.

Sophie and Morgan said...

I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in your OCD punctuation. It has to come in ones or threes for me too. Two just looks stupid.

Woot for Europe!

Kimberly Paul said...

hahaha, I'm so glad sophie.