Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Good, I'm Gone

Funny thing: Last weekends marathon event was phenomenal...I did as a result pass out Monday and subsequently slept through work on Tuesday, uh-oh...and I'm pretty sure I also broke or sprained my foot though. Why did we all get so crazy for MSTRKRFT ft John Legend? Anyway, I can't be completely sure, because as it would be, I don't have health insurance. Haha, great right. I'm not sure it's that big of a deal though, the pain is on the top of my foot, and I've broken my arch before (on my other foot) - there was not much they could do for it, just gave me arch supprt. Weirdest part however, is when I move my big toe it feels like all the little muscles around the bones on the top of my foot spasm, like it's vibrating in my foot. The only happening I am concerned about though is as a result of discomfort from pain, I have compensated how I walk with my right foot by kind of pigeon-toeing that foot. Hope it doesn't heal wrong...

PS I'm leaving for E.E. in just one short month. YAY!

Also, I officially accepted at GWU, they offered me a pretty substantial scholarship, so I'm moving to DC. YAY!

Wait now I need to find a place to live. Great.


becca said...

congrats on the d.c. job kim!!!

thanks for all the bike info.

ms-mclaws said...

that is so amazing kim! (the moving to DC part and not the hurt foot part). You are a rockstar.