Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Discontent...Summer Awakening.

Quick update of my upcoming timetable:
7 DAYS - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (April 17-19). YAHOO.
15 DAYS - Melissa's Graduation; will I make it up to Utah for the ceremonies? I hope so, but I'm still not sure if my boss will give me the time off. BOO.
16-20 DAYS - Tell my boss unceremoniously I will be leaving on May 26th for a summer of schlepping around Europe, and will not be returning to my position when I return. (Okay I know I'm not using the word "schlepping" technically correct, but I like the word and
6 WEEKS, 3 DAYS - Depart for an adventure filled summer in Eastern Europe, with a couple days in London. Returning for one last month before I start school. Maybe in Salt Lake, or maybe California, of maybe wherever grad school is (probably DC).
4.5 MONTHS - Graduate School?!?!?!
Really this is the WORST my anticipation/anxiousness/discontent has ever been. I cannot wait for these things to start happening. I hate my job so much these days, I can't believe I have to be there another month and a half. Plus I am so excited for the summer to start rolling in; I'm sick of reading about everything and want to experience now.

Okay...well guess what: I still Love LA. It's been awhile since I blogged about why I love it here. And I don't have time to do it now, but I love this area, and will definitely be sad to leave.

Well, fyi I'm still reading books about all the places I'll be going this summer. And I'm just about finished with a book on ISTANBUL. I think I will love it there (even without taking into consideration my deep seated fascination with the Hagia Sophia...yes it stems back to one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen which really inspired me as a 12 year old, and it's incredible, bloody history I took note took at age 14). So expect a Turkish history lesson coming up.

fyi This last one is the Hagia Sophia, but isn't the picture I previoulsy mentioned.


Sophie and Morgan said...

I love the streaks across the sky in your picture of LA.

Kimberly Paul said...

Yeah, they're awesome. They're from planes (long-exposure), which makes the one in the middle, the wiggly one, funny/scary.