Thursday, April 30, 2009


Wow, let me go ahead and rant about WORK PLACE ETIQUETTE. Okay, disagreements, frustration, malice, etc are ubiquitous...but seriously, there's a limit. Today at work, my manager - who yes, may be considered by some the heinous, hormonal, uptight type - and another employee got into a full out, no joke, 25 minute yelling escalating to screaming bout. It was ridiculous, and soooo incredibly awkward...especially considering for about half of it I was the only one in proximity - they were slightly sectioned off, but I was definitely still visible, and my presence known. If you're wondering, I had to be there to do my job, though all of it does make some good work gossip. Anyway, it was completely unproductive, unprofessional and straight up bad managerial activity. Honestly, she (my boss) sets the tone for work place and all the employees...they both lost respect with me, especially because it effected my ability to do my job. And then she was snappy at me for not doing something that is, oh yes that's right, not my job. Thank everything thankable I let her know I was leaving on Tuesday instead of waiting until today like I had once considered. By the way, like I predicted she was not happy when I informed her of my approaching departure, but it was a really boring, normal "I'm leaving" talk.

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