Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Should Be in Bed

Well, I decided to change everything up a little bit (yes, I know, it is very similar still). Anyway, "State of Exit" is another name for the festival in Serbia I'm going to this summer, so my blog will be named such until the festival (really, until I get back and change it). I just thought it was too good that my blog was "Exit Music" (a Radiohead song) and the festival was "Exit Fest" or "State of Exit" so I merged them. I'm not completely happy, but I'll fix it later. FYI it took me like and hour to make that stupid logo, I think it's a little small, but I really need to go to bed. Also I think it's a little to crisp around the edges...check back for more changes to come.

1 comment:

ms-mclaws said...

well isn't that funny? cause i'm definitely listening to "Exit Music" RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT. Creepy? no just totally awesome.