Friday, January 23, 2009


Oh, I bought my plane ticket to London today, a little later than I earlier said I would. May 26 through July 22. I still can't believe it; I've never even been out of the country, let alone for 2 months and to a bunch of countriesall over Europe. I paid $760, I think that's good...wait, I have no idea. Is that about right, LAX to London? Either way. It should be an adventure, of course we're going to be slumming it, hopefully that will add character to the trip. I'm not even sure everywhere we are going, any suggestions, seriously? I'm okay as long as I get some Gothic churches in there. It was funny, I had a little anxiety attack when I bought the ticket; like what am I doing, am I actually allowed to do this, shouldn't I be saving all this money. Well, if anyone else will be hanging around Europe this summer, let me know, maybe we could meet up.

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Sophie and Morgan said...

So, random. But Morgan has a cousin who kind of makes a living out of being a nomad. You can read more about her adventures under the name Jordan in my list of blogs on my blog. But anyways, she's in Spain right now and she'll probably be there/Europe for a while. She's just pretty experienced in this sort of area and could probably give you some pointers if you so desired. Just a thought. Also, I think you're awesome for doing this. There's a reason why Morgan and I don't have kids yet and it's because we have similar secret desires to do random things such as that. Anyway, hope you're doing well!