Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tangential Musings

Ah, 2 am here you are. Shouldn't I be all nestled up in bed, lost in my subconscious? Oh I am, don't worry, I'm nestled up real tight with a nice bout of insomnia (so...except the being subconscious part). Okay, honestly I had a late nap and I am slightly distressed regarding a few family matters, leading to my late night internet tryst. Which consequently, is no longer a private rendezvous like the word tryst implies, as I am publishing it on the internet; on that matter nor is it romantic, therefore tryst is probably an inappropriate word choice which I will choose to leave regardless. Linguistics aside. I'm buying a plane ticket to London tomorrow. My sister and I are backpacking Europe this summer. Thankfully, she's quite social and knows people in like ten places we can stay. I know people in two. But, two is better than one or none. Speaking of thankfuls (not a word...not going to go into etymology...should it be spelled with two l's...not a word, doesn't matter...continuing)...thankfully I don't have to get up until like 9 tomorrow. However, I digress from a digression and now will return to the root...we're going to Europe. I'm excited, I've never been, I'll post more about the itinerary. Our itinerary as itinerants. Wow, okay, I need to go to bed.


ms-mclaws said...

wow. i'm extremely jealous kim paul. not of the insomnia (cause i have that... and it sucks), but of this European gallivanting that you are soon to experience.

Melissa said...

haha. i loled. or is it lolled? funny. yeah, i think things are going to be great