Sunday, January 25, 2009


These are a few pictures I took last weekend. The daytime ones are all from Cal Tech...I bet it would be incredible to work in one those bio laboratories. When I was walking around the campus, it was like the intelligence was palpable. Anyway, the night pictures are from the LA Opera house. I went and saw "The Magic Flute." It was pretty spectacular (literally), not my first opera so I knew what to expect, but definitely the best I've seen. It was Mozart meets acid, the costumes were incredible but ridiculous, the colors vibrant, and the sets was a great show, no pictures of that though.


Melissa said...

cool pics. check out this portfolio:

ms-mclaws said...

dude you are so freain talented. My favorite is the one of the pit where the orchestra sits. I love the warm colors. And... I love you, like a lot.

ms-mclaws said...

ps. i meant to say "freakin." Kinda embarassing that I screwed up that work of all words to screw up. yay me!