Thursday, January 29, 2009


Neurotic, witty, overbearing, hilarious, socially enlightening, intelligent...I'm talking about Woody Allen. I recently saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona, the latest in Woody Allen's panoply. Loved it. Like all Woody Allen films (I've seen quite a dad loves him), this film is endlessly...talky, but as a result the characters are so well-developed and the writing razor-sharp. A quick example of what I mean by razor sharp writing: Vicky (Scarlett Johansson) overtly rallies against cultural norms, refusing to be labeled and believing herself easy and free and tolerant. Yet in response to a contrived seduction attempt and platitude about being hard to please, she wittily replies "I'm famous for my intolerance." This is the complete antithesis of her character; it's so subversive; razor-sharp. Well, hopefully you don't think I'm morally bankrupt if you've seen the movie and found it distatsteful, but I even found myself relating to these characters a bit - Vicky and Cristina that is. Probably because I'm 22, and naive enough to think there's something I'm supposed to do, some way to express myself and immature enough to think at this point I'd be discontent with a normal life, a 9 to 5. Thank you Woody Allen for yet again another poignant social commentary. Anyway, my 2-cents if you're liberal minded see it, also enjoy his other classics too.

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