Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer and the City

Helllooo New York in the summertime.  Since I used NYC as a hub to hop over to Spain this summer, I spent a bit of time in the City both pre and post-trip.  Most of my visit was spent in Yorkville, a neighborhood in Upper East Manhattan.  Back in the 30's, my Great-grandparents/grandparents immigrated to the US from Germany, did the whole Ellis Island thing and settled in a small second-floor apartment on 2nd and 91st in Yorkville, an old German neighborhood.  It was pretty cool to see the remnants of the old neighborhood, though most of it is gone now and it seems to be another upper middle class section of Manhattan.  But there's still an old grocery store straight out of Berlin, Schaller & Weber, and an old German bar/restaurant, the Heidelberg, which I heard my g-grandma spent a bit of time in.  Overall, it was super cool, this links to some old photos of my German side while living in Yorkville.

We checked out some of the more famous/visited places too.  Wouldn't mind being back right now, with tickets to the US Open, go Federer.

Brooklyn Bridge
Helllllooo Tourists!  Time Square, NYC

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Jeff said...

New York is so great they had to name it twice! It is such an exciting place.
It was really cool to hear and read your experiences in Yorkville. Your great grandpa arrive in 1927 and great grandma in 1928. My Dad grew up there, my Mom lived close by.