Thursday, September 30, 2010


Everyone - I have a very important public service announcement...*pause for suspense, no just kidding, I'm not sure even pseudo-melodramatic, attempt at humor annotations can save this post, but hey, we'll see...resume*
Los Angeles Metro Rapid Express Bus 920, traveling along Wilshire from Downtown into West LA, is propagating ridiculous falsities via the "FunFact" program on board.
Yeah, it's true though.  Believe me, I was on the bus this morning, and every weekday morning for that matter.  Today, I actually read the "fact": There is more caffeine in an apple than a cup of coffee.  Ummm, that's not true. Apples don't have any caffeine, only carbs.  Seriously Metro, pick up your game.

The 720 non-express rapid bus, I sometimes get stuck on after missing it's faster, prettier sister, the 920.  You can actually see me walking toward the bus in blue.  No just kidding, I found this picture on the internet here, that's not even my stop.


melissa said...

lol. i'm laughing out loud. not just because i drank a pitcher or mud light to myself. it's cus you're funny!

Kimberly Paul said...

haha, tanks melis. my funniness level is logarithmically related to mud light consumption - I'm thinking I'll do my thesis on it, you could be in my study.