Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Two Three...

Well I know you've all been worried sick, but I survived the storm. Just kidding. Though really, I've been stuck without internet since Friday, I currently write to you all from a conveniently located Starbucks. Anyway, I had a bit of time this weekend (being snowed in and all with nothing but books I've already read and an internet-free laptop), so since I've all but decided I will probably be attending an aforementioned music festival in California in a few months, I made a new blog header to celebrate (the picture's of the main stage).

If you want to see pictures of what the storm turned out like, I put a few on facebook, it was pretty wild (at least for a southern california native). Though, having school and work canceled for the third straight weekday is getting pretty old, but with a new storm heading in tonight who knows when everything will reopen.

1 comment:

Camille Lewis said...

i love your new blog design. you are so freakin talented. and also, i am jealous of this decision of yours to go to another music festival, but just as happy for you as I am jealous. You deserve it my music friend.