Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Few Reasons to like Tuesday:

1. The Crossword:

Pretty much always do-able, no cheating required. Too bad I don't have a sinecure anymore, so this little guy has to get done on my own time.

2. Tuesday Lunch Special: Mehran Kabob Restaurant

Maybe you didn't know this about me, but I love Kabobs...all kinds. We ate them like everyday in Turkey, it's more of a twice a month thing now though, but I still looove them.

3. The fact that as my SAS computer programming class was the night before and I have a whole week before I must sit through another insanely dry and monotone 3 hour lecture again.
A side note here: SAS is not inherently boring to me, I actually quite like it and computer programming in general, I feel a sort of accomplishment knowing how to do these things. Buttttttt, the professor is quite dull and unfortunately, like many brilliant Math, Stat, Science people is for some reason unable to pass on his wisdom to people below a certain threshold of understanding, and of course there seem to be many students in the class who do not meet this level. It's really kind of funny, in a situational way, to have a student ask a teacher a question, showing the student does not grasp the base concept, and have the teacher stare blankly, apparently unable to comprehend how/why the student does not understand and then unable to explain the concept in any other way and resorting to just repeating himself. Though I should add, it's not entirely his fault for not being able to help some, as there are toooo many students in the class who really have no background in computers at all and don't understand the terminology used let alone how to implement it - they should probably require some sort of computer pre-req instead of just stat pre-reqs. Shortly, I'm pretty sure I could use the book/lecture notes and mess around on the computer and teach myself the material in half the time, but I think that's inherent to computer programming at this level.

All in all, Tuesdays generally make for a pretty good day.


becca said...

that meal looks so good.

Jeff said...

That SAS class sounds pretty appealing. You're quite a sales rep.
btw. what is a sinecure and what happened to yours? Some of us don't know all the GRE vocab words you know. :)

Kimberly Paul said...

Haha pop. Sinecure is work position that doesn't require any work/effort, but...you get paid. My sinecure=Book Repair Tech, so it went away when I left college.