Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Timer

Hey Gaia, don't really want to step on any toes here, but I'd reaaallly appreciate it if you directed all the snow hammering DC this season to areas more suited for such inclement weather. See here in DC we're just not quite equipped for it, the metro stops running, businesses and libraries close hours and hours early, the street performers who play nice music downtown near the medical center I attend for classes stay home. So you can see it really isn't good for anybody. Okay, well thanks.

xo Kimberly

Well in all seriousness, I was not lead to believe while moving to DC there would be this much snow. It's crazy, but definitely beautiful, gives the city a nice glow, that is until later when the snow gets all the city grime on it and becomes very unpleasant.
You know, I learned this past summer while in Greece that Gaia is a Greek goddess, Earth personified, and wife to the heavens, aka Uranus. I had figured "mother gaia" was some sort Anglo-Saxon pagan thing, right there with the Druids and stonehenge business, cabals chanting in the woods by firelight. I like that she's Greek though, it does takes a bit of the mysticism away for me but Greek mythology is the zenith of folklore.


Jeff said...

Haha! Gaia heard your lamentations and will soon reward you with another frozen solid blanketing. Lucky!

Tiffany said...

wait a sec, you living in DC????? i need an update on you life!