Friday, June 19, 2009


Hey all, well I'm completely enamored with Turkey - so yeah we're staying a bit longer. We actually took an overnight bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia, yes the bus ride was hellish but Cappadocia is so amazing. I am not sure if I can properly translate it into words - actually I'm sure I can't, but pictures will for sure come and I can not wait for you all to see them. I'll do my best to explain the splendor of Cappadocia for you now though.

Cappadocia is in Central Turkey, a desert with amazing rock formations formed by 3 volcanos in the area. Aside from incredible formations like fairy chimneys and chasms to rival the awesomeness of the Grand Canyon, this place is also home to cave dwellings. Around the 900s AD, Greek and Roman Christians moved into the area and began building edifices - churches, monasteries, homes, storage - from/in the rocks. People still live in the cave homes all over the area. Our hostel is actually in a cave, so yeah I'm sleeping in a cave tonight. There are a dozen or so small towns in the area with about 3000 people in each. Old cave churches filled with frescoes and paintings from a thounsand years ago dot the area, many are still in incredible condition. It is so crazy, the furniture was carved out of the stone. So you walk into a dining area and see benches carved out surrounding a big table also carved from the stone. They are everywhere too. I'm not doing them justice, this is SOOOO cool. Plus there are underground cities! I can't wait to put up the pictures. Of course, most of the residents are Muslim, so there are many mosques in the area. And we still get to listen to call to prayer ring out, this time it echoes through the rocks.

Really, I love Turkey so much. We'll stay here in Gorem (Cappadocia) another day and then head to the Turkish Riviera before we jump onto the Greek Islands. Off for more traditional Turkish food! Yeah, I love Turkish Delight, you know it.

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