Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Paros: captivating

Sorry for the long delay....we eventually had to leave Turkey :( We really had amazing time there, they have so much to offer: culture, diverse countryside, the Riviera, food and drinks, and what a history. It was so amazing. We're in Greece right now, on an island called Paros. It has blown me away. I love everything so much. And yes, we are camping - is there another way to hop between islands? Only problem I dont have a sleeping bag or pillow...instead a sheet and clothes. Not the most comfortable, but totally worth it. The windy streets and whitewashed buildings are SO cool, you want to get lost among them. Off to lounge more. See you in Athens.

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Jeff said...

I'm loving every word. It sounds so exciting! I can barely wait to see the pictures. Have fun!!!!