Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer in Bratislava

Another quick post - I am LOVING Slovakia. Big surprise huh, I'll probably love everywhere I go. But so far I honestly feel like I could live here. It is so beautiful, and still has some of the fairytale aspect of Prague, but also it feels, like I can imagine my life here, not just visiting. It is so beautiful, everything is so green and it is so warm. I'm picking up a little Slovak, which has definitely helped as English is not as ubiquitous as in Prague. We live here so cheap, like 20 bucks a day including room and board.

Today we went to a castle ruins from the 10th century outside of Bratislava. It was so incredible - perched upon a hill, a lot of it still stands. We wandered the grounds, and the views were amazing - it overlooked the Danube, Slovakia and Austria. It was in a small town called DevĂ­n. The whole adventure, train and entrances cost as 2 euro. We're off to the Ballet right now, I'm so excited. And the clencher my ticket was 3 euro's...for a world renowned ballet in the historical downtown theater, surrounded by winding cobblestone streets, 18th century buildings and street vendors with yummy streets. Oh yeah, and the Danube bank.

We're off to Budapest tomorrow. I'm definitely excited to be getting closer to the coast. I have a feeling we might be in Turkey longer than we thought - doesn't the Turkish Riviera sound amazing. Once again, pictures to come when I get home. I'm faithfully taking like a million pictures - I'm pretty excited to look through them.

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Jeff said...

Post a picture. We want to see too...
p.s. everyone is jealous. But be careful. Didn't you see Taken? haha.
Love from all of us stuck back here in the boring old USA.