Saturday, February 7, 2009

Reprise: On Stage

Wow! How good is sooooo good? See Phantom of the Opera, the stage production and you'll know. I was blown away today at the Pantages in Hollywood. In the interest of full disclosure, I am completely biased. I love stage productions (particularly musicals...but straight plays, opera, ballet, etc. I like it all); I also have a particular affinity toward Andrew Loyd Webber and especially this show. When I was younger my mother had an Andrew Loyd Webber video (it was a compilation of Webber hits, awesome) and we watched it all the time - I can sing along to everything from Jesus Christ Superstar to Joseph. Anyway, the Phantom of the Opera songs were my favorite - it was around my twelfth year when I stole the CD from the Broadway production with Micheal Crawford/Sarah Brightman, and thus it started. I had never actually seen a production of it until the movie (straight up - we were poor growing up, pricey musicals were not in the cards). I thought the movie was really great, no qualms with any part, I own it and watch it. The thing is the broadway performers mostly blew the the movie cast out of the water in terms of voice - they were soooo good. I was completely impressed in every sense. If you ever have the chance to see this musical...take it.

Okay, in conclusion: my favorite Phantom of the Opera related moments:
  1. Singing phantom songs in parts with Melissa on the ski lifts - I wonder if the people behind/in front of us could hear? Haha, I hope so.
  2. Explaining to someone that "Music of the Night" is the Phantom seducing Christine emotionally, physically and mentally - Come to the Dark Side, Luke and also sleep with me - and thus dashing her innocent naiveté, she was 23 though. She took it hard, like the show was ruined for her or something.
  3. The bus ride freshman year to see this movie in the theatres; good memories on the Provo bus circuit - I know people who met on the bus and then got married, I think the LA bus circuit I took had more...ummm...character though.

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Casey Day said...

So now it's my turn to be jealous. I've been wanting to see Phantom for a long time. The dumb thing is, my Uncle is like head sound guy for the show in Vegas, but I still haven't been able to milk him for tickets. Anyway, yeah it's just us two out here. Pretty crazy. My research is on the diet of three species of the same genus in this area. Basically I've been digging through a lot of lizard poop. Fun.