Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I went to Disneyland yesterday; thanks to the the recently-former Hermosa Redd. Camille came into town to surprise/greet Emily on return from a year and a half in Spain. Anyway, Emily has Disneyland connections, and she got all 3 of us in for free, that was incredible. It was so fun, and of course I had my camera, hence the myriad of photos following.

I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the ingenuity of the Disney corporation. That company covers every base; love them or hate them, Disney knows how to work the system. I mean, Disneyland is now synonymous with "the happiest place on earth." That's impressive.

These are my two favorite from the day, they're from inside the haunted mansion. Every inch of that place is in theme, even though you can't see a lot of it because it's dark. Like these wallpapers, I only saw the pattern with the flash.

The rest:

Apparently I liked the vertical shot that day. Okay, well I decided to put most of the pictures I took up, because,'s my blog. But, as a result I loaded them pretty small, so if you want any (Camille mostly), let me know, I'll put them on Picassa or something normal size.

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Anonymous said...

I want to go to Disneyland too! I really like Mickey Mouse. He gets my vote for president every election. I also love the Hollywood Hotel Terror or whatever its called. It freaks me out. It's like bungie jumping with 20 friends.
You know your picture of the Chinese person on the ceiling? Remember that one? Yeah, I liked that one. It was cool. And remember the ones you did inside the haunted mansion? yeah, those were cool too. The clock has teeth. Never noticed that before.
Okay, thanks for the pics. Keep up the good work.
Next time, sneak back stage and get shot of goofy with out his head on. That'll be cool.
Seacrest, Out.