Monday, February 16, 2009

Oregon Pt. 3

More of the Pacific Northwest. I can't get it out of my mind. The more I think about it, the more it I want to live there.

As students, we had lots of opportunity to get off the marine station and visit the surrounding area. And fortunately I had friends with cars. Here is more of the Oregon scenery - sand dunes a little north of Charleston, docks, and the light house down the road from the institute.

More of the area around Charleston - a bay outside of Bandon, random guy in the middle of nowhere, seriously, playing the drums and smoking pot, the OIMB beach/semi-pier and Bastendorf beach sunset.

Bastendorf beach was about a mile down the road, and it also had access through the woods and tunnel. It was a huge sandy beach, good for bonfires, swimming/water activities - rare, and beach sports - volleyball, soccer, football, etc. I ran almost daily that summer, and we often ran to Bastendorf. We spent a lot of time there. Like I said last Oregon entry, the local Charlseton residents often bring anything related to marine life to the institute. Last time a seal, this time a large squid. This guy stretched to like 12 ft. It was pretty cool to get a close up look at this kind of squid. They live in deep water, and are actually related to the giant squid of squid and whale fame. This squid came from some fisherman who pulled up a fish with this attached.

We did research/study at the docks, which were pretty much on campus. On floating docks, there is so much going on underneath. It's pretty cool. Confession: I had a thing for the old fishermen, they were fun to talk to.

One Saturday, we went to these beautiful waterfalls in the forests inland a ways. They were so beautiful, and a pretty decent hike. We ended up following a number of different trails, and in an attempt to get back, we hiked through the river to get back to the waterfall. It was so cool.

I laid down to get some pictures of the waterfalls, and I saw these succulent plants growing on the side of the cliff. I loved these plants. They had to be succulents because they were growing on a mossy/loamy surface of a cliff. They were sooo cool.

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