Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Like A Vagabond

Okay, seriously I cannot stop thinking about this summer. Like I said, Melissa and I bought plane tickets from LAX to London, leaving May 26 and returning July 22. All I do these days is look up cool things we should do, not to miss, etc. Anyway, I came up with this rough itinerary. I'm not necessarily planning on staying in all of these cities, but they are strong contenders. Most of the trip will be spent in Germany/Eastern Europe, then the Italy/France leg will be pretty quick - like a week, maybe a little more. With the high-speed trains and all it won't take very long to get places in this area and it's more expensive, so our money won't stretch as far - hence less time. Plus I'm really drawn to eastern europe, the history - whole Iron Curtain thing, etc, the beauty, and the fact that it is a little more off the regular grid; and Germany because I have family there, so maybe a week there. One more time, I am so excited. If anyone will be in the area this summer or wants to meet up for a leg a of the trip or more, seriously let me know, it's going to be amazing. Okay, well this is the list of the route I'm thinking right now.

May 26 London
May 30 London-Brussels
June 1 Brussels-Cologne
June 4 Cologne-Munich
June 7 Munich-Prague
June 10 Prague-Bratislava(Slovakia)
June 13 Bratislava-Budapest(Hungary)
June 16 Budapest-Belgrade(Serbia)
June 19 Belgrade-Sarajevo(Bosnia & Herzegovina)
June 21 Sarajevo-Mostar(B & H)
June 22 Mostar-Dubrovnik(Croatia)
July 22 Bus From Croatia to Greece; Dubrovink-Montenegro-Albania-Tirana-Greece (I'm not really sure our route through to Greece)
July 7 Thessolonia-Athens
July 10 Athens-Patras
July 11 Patras-Bari-Naples
July 12 Naples-Rome
July 15 Rome-Florence
July 17 Florence-Milan
July 18 Milan-Paris
July 21 Paris-London
July 22 London-LA

I probably need to take out a few places, and stay longer in fewer places, plus the part from Montenegro to Greece feels pretty rushed, it's not that far in terms of mile, but still. Well, I'll work on it, but I'm sure we'll decide a lot on the go.

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ms-mclaws said...

this looks incredible.

ps. see you soon my friend.