Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Universal Sighhhhhhhhhhh

Yours truly spent 3 hours waiting in line on Tuesday to get Radiohead's self-published periodical, The Universal Sigh. Unlike those lucky Brits, Thom didn't show up to pass them out himself here in LA...but hey it was 75 degrees and sunny instead grey and rainy like it always is in London.  That's something.  Anyway, it's pretty cool, and so is the King of Limbs (the album that was released on the same day).  Basically the paper is 12 pages of artwork, short stories and poems - true Radiohead form.  Not to worry if you didn't grab a copy but you'd like one, it's in PDF form all over the internet.
In case you haven't seen thom yorke dancing in a hat to a song off the new album, enjoy:

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Camille said...

Wow I hadn't heard of that paper. Why is Radiohead so cool? Also, this is my favorite song from the album, and seeing Thom York freak out to it for 5 minutes made it that much better.