Saturday, January 2, 2010

City Scapes

If you've followed this blog for a bit, you know how much hometown pride I have. I love Los Angeles. It has been great being back for the past 2 weeks, and best part is I have another one left. Tonight my brother and I hiked through a bit of the Santa Monica mountains, a trail off famed Mulholland Drive. The area offers some spectacular views of both downtown and West LA as well as the ocean in the bottom two. Plus, added bonus, it was super clear today and warm, though we were out there at night, I was totally in a t-shirt. Take that DC.

The top picture shows downtown, the San Gabriel Valley in the background behind downtown (aka all those lights in the distance behind the tall buildings, my house is somewhere in the mass of lights in the upper left of the picture), parts of Hollywood (the first set of buildings, sort of in the foreground), like 10 freeways (the only one clearly visible is the 101 toward the bottom left, same 101 that goes up the coast to the Pacific Northwest, another of my favorite places), and about 5 million people.

The pictures below show the Santa Monica mountains (the ones we're hiking in), West LA (westwood aka UCLA, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, etc), and the Pacific in the background.

I really love this city.

I decided to add this last picture, pretty similar view to the very first one, just taken right after sunset. It's the view actually off Mulholland, the top one is off the peak we hiked up.


Kelly Enigma said...


"I've discovered a new magical world of boots and scarves..."

I live in a very cold and foggy place and i've been daydreaming of moving to California for so long now. The pics in this blog make me want to hop on the next plane, heh.

Kimberly Paul said...

I'm right there with you Kelly. I'm back in DC now and already stir crazy, ready to get back to LA.