Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi Again.

Wow, okay I am ridiculously sorry I haven't updated this sooner/more along the way, for any who were just dying to hear - I'm pretty sure that only applies to you dad, thanks for the loyalty. Anyway, it actually feels pretty, pretty foreign (haha, get it?) "blogging" again; like I'm pretty sure I forgot how to do "this." First step: get onto the topic of the post, back on track...but I guess posts for me in the past were always a haphazardly thrown together blurb from my stream of consciousness anyways, so I think I am getting right back into it.

A note to catch everyone up:
About a week ago I landed back in LAX after 2 months abroad. We spent the time wandering about Eastern Europe, Turkey and Greece, with short stops up front and at the end in London. I schlepped around all my belongings on my back - about 4 shirts, pair of jeans, shorts and a sweater, toiletries and my camera. Of course about 6 kilos turned into 18 by the end of the trip, it's to be expected huh? We left our phones, laptops, hair straighteners, conditioner for that matter, and pretty much any other luxuries behind - it was ridiculously liberating. I should probably get back in the habit of doing my hair and putting on make-up I guess? And maybe turn my phone on. So where'd we go:

London to Prague (Czech) to Kutna Hora (small Czech town) to Bratislava (Slovakia) to Vienna (Austria) to Budapest (Hungary) to Targu Mures (Romania) to Sighsoara (Romania) to Brasov and Bran (Romania) to Varna (Bulgaria) through Bucharest and Sofia to Istanbul (Turkey) where we spent two weeks wandering the country (Cappadocia, Turkish Riv, central Turkey, Pammukale, etc) to Samos (Greek Island) to Paros to Santorini (Greek Islands) to Athens to Thessaloniki to Belgrade (Serbia) through Skopje (Macedonia) to Novi Sad (Serbia) to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to Mostar (BiH) to Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Split (Croatia) and back to London...whew.

So what do I have to say for myself? I have no idea.


I had no idea how little I knew. I had no idea Hungarian is the most insane language ever. I had no idea how much I could/needed grow. I had no idea how insanely beautiful Bosnia is. Is it stupid to say I had no idea how big the world is and small I am...I'm saying it. I had no idea Lily Allen was popular, let alone crazy famous. I had no idea what was really happening along the Gaza strip. I had no idea how incredibly hot Greek men are. I had no idea about war or oppression. I have no idea.

I feel an immense weight at the thought of transcribing 2 months of experiences...pretty much so so much happened that it's like the 2 months are about to burst, nothing more could have fit in. So I guess I'll just start here with: we had an amazing, incredibly fun and deep time, I'm not sure any other time in my life has impacted me so much, I can never un-know things I know now or un-see anything...war-torn cities and people as well as incredible strength, resolve and spirits, oppression, the strive for liberty...and I hope I never do un-know. So you may have guessed, yes I do have about a million pictures. Right, that was a bit of an elaboration, but for real thousands (a ridiculously huge amount...I will admit closer to 10,000 than 1,000). So yeah, I have some pictures to post. For now, here a few of the personal favorites:

Hyde Park - London

Hagia Sofia - Istanbul

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Santorini, Greece

Prague, Czech Republic

Kutna Hora, Czech

John Lennon Wall, Prague, Czech

Old Jewish Cemetary, Prague, Czech

eh...Switzerland, that's a nuclear Power plant down there

Serbian Train

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Old Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia

Somewhere in BiH

Trafalgar Square, London

Spice Bazaar, Istanbul

Sarajevo during the War

Small village in Transylvania, Romania


Sophie and Morgan said...

So glad you made it back. I was awaiting a post as well. The pictures are lovely! I especially like the one in Croatia (I think...) overlook the bay with the two windows on either side and the red tile roofs. Well framed. Anyways, welcome back!

Ashley said...

Your first photo in this post is at a place called The Dell and its my favourite place in the park. My aim is to camp there solo before I leave :-) ash