Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why I Love Living In LA

I recently moved back to Los Angeles (a few months ago), and am so glad to be back. Of course, there is a lot to miss about Utah and Oregon (though I was only there for a few months), but I love LA. Anyway, I decided to create a weekly blog installment entitled "Why I love living in LA" (maybe not weekly, but whenever I decide to add another I will). These will come in no particular order, instead just what came to mind that day. So, Why I love Living in LA #1:

1. Inundation of cultural and artistic diversity.

There are so many gems to see in LA, some famous, most obscure to the majority of people. There are representations of so many cultures. You can eat at a Delicatessen for lunch and an Indian restaurant for dinner, or your choice of whatever food you want. I rode the bus to school last semester, and my bus went right by this mural on Sunset Blvd:

It received a little fame when Elliott Smith used it as the background for an album cover, however, so many expressions in the city, like this once was, are mainly known and appreciated mainly by locals, and are all over the city.

2. Unique Architecture/Infrastructure.

Some Personal Favorites:

The Getty - I love this place, definitely in my top 3.

The LA River - The commuter train I take shows some pretty fantastic views of the derelictness.

134 Freeway/Colorado Street Bridge (Pasadena Suicide Bridge) - I haven't taken any pictures of the 134, but you can see the whole city, and if it's clear out to Catalina Island, from the freeway as it winds on a mountainy ridge, you can also see the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, another of many gems.

3. Great Weather - how can you have a list about living in LA without mentioning the weather. Seriously it's incredible, it's november and 80 degrees, followed by a few days of rainy crisp weather, then some more warmth. I love it. I will admit it gets a little hot in the summer, but there are plenty of ways to stay cool...the beach. Sunny and warm and october when I took this. The second picture is a beautiful fall night in claremont, the city I grew up in.

Note: I did not take some of these pictures, but found them on the internet to illustrate WHY I LOVE LIVING IN LA.

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