Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GRE Stuff

So I finally stopped being lazy and took the GRE this morning, about time, I haven't been in school since September. Anyway, I used the GRE people's prep book, studied a bit, and signed up to take it this morning. I'll ease your suspense, it went really well and I'm pretty happy with my scores. However, let me tell you, what bad timing. I woke up yesterday with the worst sore throat, a good sign you're getting the cold. So I dosed up on cold medicine, took a bunch of vitamin C and hoped I wouldn't get sick until after the test. Of course, I woke up this morning, after a terrible nights sleep, as I was so congested I couldn't even breath, and my cold had progressed considerably. I now had a fever, the shakes you get when you feel freezing but you're sweating, ear ache in both ears, still congestion and of course the original sore throat. But I had amped myself up to take the test today, and I wasn't about to throw the $140 it costs to take the test away and wait until they had another opening at the center. So head cold and all, I took the test, and I am so happy both to be done and with my scores. Okay, no more. I take most of the pictures I put on my blog, however this one Bre took, and I really like it, plus it looks like how the GRE would look if it were a picture.

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ms-mclaws said...

dang girl. you always rocked at tests you are so freakin smart. practically my hero