Thursday, December 2, 2010

Helllllo December! So glad you're here!

I had a few ideas for this blog post...
  • FIFA - Russia, cool. Qatar...really? I mean okay I guess.
  • Pirate Bay - the "menacing" makers are going to prison.  Hmmm, well I get why companies/judges with their hands in the company money jar, I mean, ahem impartial government officials are angry, but private companies controlling the internet, well I don't like it
  • Cute baby polar bears who get eaten by their fathers, as seen on NatGeo; did not like!
Anyway, when it came down to it, turns out I didn't have it in me to actually write a post on any of them. Oh well, here's an article by someone not as lazy: What a third of the world has TB??? Okay, I knew that, probably has something to do with me studying diseases or something. But, really, wow.

Every time I hear someone cough on the bus, I cringe.  I'm convinced I'm either being exposed to TB or whooping cough.

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