Thursday, October 21, 2010

"You could deal with this, Or you could deal with that"

Post topic: A cross-sectional study of myself, ie whatever the hell is going through my head at this moment...

The 405 is the bane of my existence.  Just for reference this traffic train-wreck of a situation was Dante's 4th circle of hell, worse than the DMV.  See traffic scenes in Garden State or Office Space for more on my exact sentiments.
405 in West LA.  Photo from here.
I'm currently in the process of de-frying my brain, two midterms done, one to go.  Don't lose motivation, don't lose motivation, don't lose motivation...I heard positive thinking helps, I'm skeptical.  But I'll test it and let you know.

Veteran's Day is right now my favorite holiday...I can't wait for that Monday (November 11th) off! 21 days (6 off them on weekends, so they don't really count) and counting, woohoo!

Realistically, I'm more excited for HP 7 to come out than all of the holidays in the coming months combined though.  Oh, HP 7, it's just an acronym we in the "I'd give an appendage to go to Hogwarts" club use for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  
PS I'm on the I think it's awesome the movie is split in two, and don't care at all that the next one doesn't come out until mid-2011 side; and also the "I'd give an appendage to go to Hogwarts" club is accepting membership applications.

Finally, as with all things Sonic Youth, I'm currently obsessed with this cover of Diamond Sea by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs:

The original is GD good as well.  There's a twenty minute version that has got me through more horrible bus rides than I've counted.

Post-title shout-out to Noah, an advertising copy-writer and another random traveler in Spain.  I guess I'd rather deal with this.

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Jeff said...

Hello Kim,
I laughed at your blog. I've also found that the big LA freeways (e.g., the 405 and 5) are clogged worse than Kirstie Alley's arteries. They are constant rolling misadventures, all day, all night. Best to be avoided...
Anyway, positive thinking can't start with "don't". That's anti-negative thinking. An example of positive thinking is clicking your heels together and saying "There's no place like home. There's no place like home." Try that sometime.