Sunday, March 21, 2010

March on Washington Political Protest

Yesterday I went to an anti-war demonstration.  It was here in Washington, right outside the White House, thousands of people rallying - which was pretty crazy and awesome to see.  In years past there has been tens of thousands of people who show up to "march on washington" (literally the demonstration involves marching through the streets of downtown DC to different significant government buildings or businesses), this year there were definitely thousands, but more like 5,000 instead of 20,000.

Summary version of events: listened to some speakers, took some pictures, marched through DC, took some more pictures, got a sunburn (so glad it's warm enough for that!), ran into a guy I knew and ended up in front with the media, whoa, nearly got arrested by association when after a few protest leaders got arrested the people right next to me pushed a barricade fence into the SWAT team, iyee, come on people, peace, for real, I don't have bailout money.  I felt like a for real photojournalist for like 5 minutes, it was totally cool.

Well I took a buuunch of pictures, too many for a blog, so I think I'll post most of them on flickr or facebook or something, but I put a few here too.


Camille Lewis said...

dude. you are so cool.

also, love the fact that you and i still somehow end up with very similar musical collections, even though we live all over the country. Edward Sharpe is awesome, and that's one of my favorite songs, also "40 day dream."

Every time I play a song that you introduced to me I say "this is a Kim Paul song." Of all of my friends from college you are Russ's favorite, even though you haven't met, and he thinks we could all be good friends. Just thought I'd let you know.

Kimberly Paul said...

Haha, Camille I love it! Totally wouldn't expect anything else from "music friends" though. PS I'm sure Russ is right, he's pretty much already my friend just because he married you.

Anonymous said...

That's hot.

Jeff said...

As ever, you surprise us with your super cool blog and your life experiences. Great pictures.