Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Blogging hiatus=Over. Okay all, I'm not exactly sure how this much time has past with no update, considering the monumentous couple of months I've had. Probably has something to do with getting setup in DC, working 30 hrs a week and in school full time...haha, no mostly it has to do with me NOT having the internet in my place.

Well you may have guessed it, or not ever thought about it, but I love living in Washington. It's such a thrill to live in the heart of a metropolitan center, the hustle and bustle of the city. The people, the noises, the history merged with modern, everything, even my crappy basement where I have no internet, tv, microwave, or dishwasher and an old landlord who walks around in boxers and a wife beater and lives upstairs. I walk around the city in wonder half the time, I bet I look ridiculous staring at everything and everyone. Yeah, it's crazy expensive though, hence the crappy basement with no amenities.

School's great...fyi I'm doing epidemiology.

There proves to always be something going on around too. Whether it's a massive protest, some international festival, the National Book Fair (all things I've seen very recently without even meaning too), or smaller things like poetry and author readings (yeah I've recently acquired a liking for beat box poetry...very cool), small movie screenings, or museums, museums, museums.

Here's some pictures from the neighborhood, it's still so weird how close I live to the White House and all the embassies and the Capitol. I should probably visit those places, I've yet to do all those tourist things.

A Russian Orthodox Church I felt like walking into...the inside was incredible and so unexpected based on the rather modest exterior.

The Turkish Festival!!! Did I mention yet how much we loved Turkey, we went for a week and stayed a month it was that incredible!

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Camille Lewis said...

Kim I am so excited for you. You belong in a place like that -- culture, diversity, things to learn, you get the picture. I love how you always want to try and get out and learn what makes a city tick. Anyway, good luck. I think you are cool... have I told you that?