Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Night at the Serbian Eastern Orthodox Cathedral

I went to a Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church service tonight (like I said, I'm really trying to learn all I can to get the most out of this summer). It was a liturgy service. Let me tell you, the whole experience was so beautiful. True, I am very interested and accepting of other religions and find beauty in most; I really like to go to services and festivals of all sorts of religions, and have been to quite a few. But, this was probably the most beautiful liturgy service I had ever heard (I even told the priest I would come back - not that I'm converting). It was part Serbian, part English. I'm not usually a big fan of the chanting - in terms of pleasing to the ears - but the rhythm of the sing-chanting, the accompaniment of two teenage girls, and the atmosphere of the church was really quite overwhelming, in a good way. I should mention, the church was beautiful...colors, paintings, architecture, priest garb (admittedly I sometimes find it ostentatious, today it was just beautiful), everything. Plus, I talked to a few people about my summer plans in their home countries, and they were so encouraging and excited. I can't wait. Side note: another reason I love living in LA, a literal melting pot of cultures. The church is next to little Asia, seriously like five square miles of China transplanted - except some signs were in Chinese, others Japanese or Korean, maybe others, so little Asia and then bam...a Serbian church - I love it. Well, I didn't have a camera on me, possibly considered disrespectful anyway I guess, so here are a few pictures of the church I found on the internet. They really don't do it justice. Saint Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral:

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Jeff said...

I loved loved loved this experience. I would go again at any time. Who knew? This was amazing. I'm glad I got to go with you and all that.