Saturday, March 14, 2009

Most Recent Itinerary

Okay, so we have kind of revamped our travel plans. We pretty much completely cut Western Europe from the trip (except for London, where we fly in to). While it would be amazing, we think it deserves its own trip, who wants to rush to see Eastern and Western Europe in one trip, we decided to focus just on one and enjoy it fully. So we think we now will fly from London straight to Prague, and then work our way around and fly back from Zagreb, Croatia to London.
So GUESS WHAT...that means we have added stays in Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and more time in Greece. Ahhh, I can't wait. Also, we have decided we cannot miss EXIT fest in Navi Sad, Serbia. It is a huge 4 straight day music festival, held in literally a picturesque 19th century fortress overlooking the Danube river. There are apparently like 12 stages and tunnels that connect them. Plus this is the 10th anniversary, so there are supposed to be many surprises that won't disappoint. On top of the the whole thing costs less than 100 US dollars. Wow. Incredible. What an experience. Here is the new route on a map:

London -> Prague -> Bratislava (Slovakia) -> Slovakian Countryside -> Budapest -> Sighisoara (Romania) -> Brasov (Romania) -> Bucharest (Romania) -> Varna (Bulgaria) -> Istanbul -> Ayvalik (Turkey) -> Lesvos (Greek Island) -> a few days of Greek Island Hopping -> Athens -> Ionnina (Greece) -> Roaming Albania -> Working up Montenegro -> Belgrade *EXIT fest -> Sarajevo (Bosnia) -> Mostar -> Dubrovnik (Croatia) -> Roam along Dalmatian Coastline in Croatia -> Zagreb (Croatia)

Some highlights of things we can see:
  • Hagia Sofia in Istanbul
  • Dracula's Castle in Transylvania (Romania)
  • Golden Sands in Bulgaria along the Black Sea
  • Greek/Roman/Ottoman/Byzantine Ruins all over the area, including the Parthenon
  • The Bridge of Mostar - bombed in 1992 Bosnian War, but rebuilt as a symbol of the nation
  • Greek Islands!!
  • Mt Olympus
  • Castles of Slovakia
  • Cobblestone streets of everywhere
  • The Danube river
  • Emerald Waters of Bosnia
  • ...


Sophie and Morgan said...

I'd just like to say that it's getting to the point where I can hardly wait for you to go too! :) I'm sure you're going to take some amazing pictures (I'm expecting them to be posted!) and your itinerary sounds like a total blast. When Morgan and I buy a sailboat (and learn how to sail...) we want to take it to Greece and just sail around the islands for a few months...So be scouting out the good places for us. :)

Sophie and Morgan said...

Oh! And Morgan Maxwell (McBride now) from freshmen year did an internship in Romania. She may be able to tell you a thing or two if you're interested. Look her up on facebook.