Saturday, January 29, 2011


Morning music mix on the 6:46

LA River - view from the train
BANG BANG nancy sinatra
PARADISE CIRCLE massive attack
SHADOW OF A DOUBT sonic youth
AMERIMACKA thievery corporation
LEMONADE cocorosie
UTOPIA goldfrapp
LET ME TAKE YOU OUT class actress
GLORY BOX portishead
ELEPHANT WOMAN blonde redhead
ONE STEP TOO FAR faithless
BREATHE télépopmusik
IN A BEAUTIFUL PLACE... boards of canada
CLIMBING UP THE WALLS radiohead (zero 7 mix)

Turns out trip hop really does it for me when stuck on public transportation in the morning.

What does not so much do it for me?  All the germ ridden denizens of the jam packed metro 720.  Come on people, dracula cough.  I'm not joking buddy, into the elbow nook.  I have never so actively avoided touching my eyes and mouth before - still, it will be a miracle if I avoid the flu this year.  For the first time, I'm actually considering getting the flu vaccine.

See I found this little bad boy on the LA County Department of Public Health's communicable disease website; and that chart's from this week. So looks like the number of sickies on the bus is only going to get worse.  By the way, let me tell you, that website is a hypochondriacs worst nightmare.  People in LA are getting all kinds of diseases...Typhoid, Malaria, Dengue, Hep A-Z, West Nile, parasites galore, Kawasaki Syndrome - I thought that was a motorcycle, but 70 people got it last year.  Okay, those diseases are pretty pretty rare, we're talking 10 million people in Los Angeles, but still typhoid? Whoa.  I'm not even going to get into the STDs, those numbers are crazy.

Wow, sorry about that, I'm studying epidemiology right now. One last music video.  Love the song and the music video's weirdly fitting and cool too.  Oh, and you should know, it might actually be impossible to keep Zach Braff in his wallpaper patterned shirt out of your head when listening to this song, just go with it.  Thanks Britain for all your great work in this genre.


Jeffro said...

I will be late to work today because I'm listening to your music. Thanks and also you suck. But Love Anyways,

Zsofi and Scott Reber said...

ahh impeccable taste in music. as always. we should sit by each other more often.