Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I got Groovesharked

Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Grooveshark, which recently beat out the roast beef sandwich with colby-jack cheese, a smattering of delicious greens, and yellow mustard on sourdough bread I'm currently eating to become my new best friend.  Grooveshark is pretty much an online music streaming/search engine/sharing site.  Unlike my ex-best friend (which hey, no need to make anyone who may or may not have been replaced feel bad with name-calling, cough cough *Pandora* cough cough), Grooveshark lets you search for songs and then actually play that song.  What a concept!

It too can create playlists based on a recommendation system, or you can create your own, replay songs if you want, fast-forward, add, delete...pretty much like your normal personal media player, a la itunes et al. except you have a huge cache of music at your playlisting disposal.  Also, it operates sort of like youtube in the sense that users can upload music files from their own hard drives and add to the Grooveshark library, ie constant growth, more music everyday.  (Careful though, also like Youtube, Grooveshark doesn't idemnify, you're on your own if your upload is unlicensed...but hey, according to Wikipedia no Grooveshark user has faced any legal issues yet!  Damn the man, free the music, screw bit caps! No seriously though, if I were a musician I'd want to make money too, make those little miscreants pay for my music, etc.  But hey, I'm not sooo...long live Grooveshark).

Anyway, best part and the real reason for my initial Pandora infidelity, Grooveshark doesn't interrupt the cohesion of your playlist, the zone, the movement of songs with ads for dish network, male enhancement, or low-calorie vitamin fortified PepsiMax, same great flavor, none of the calories, zero to max.  It's just the worst after hearing some awesome song to then have Flo tell you how you can save on car insurance in an ad that's twice as loud as your music was.  Seriously Flo?  Man, you killed it.  It's dead. Great. And now instead of enjoying the next song, I'm thinking about how my car insurance bill is due in a week and how much I hate paying that.  Thanks for ruining everything Flo.

So Pandora, we've had a good run.  We used to be inseparable; you made me so happy, playing anything I asked.  We went everywhere together, work, class, the library, Starbucks.  But you've changed.  I don't know why, maybe they got to you.  It doesn't matter.  I can't see you anymore, I've moved on.  You should do the same.  Know that we'll always have the summer of 2006 together though.

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Ben said...

Thanks for the post, Kimberly! I'm glad you hit all the points exactly as we discussed--I've transferred the money to your Swiss bank account.

Jeff said...

Robert Wright, author of "The Evolution of God" said "If you look back on the whole drift of not just human history, but life on this planet, and the way it has risen to higher and higher levels of organization, first through biological evolution, then cultural evolution, now culminating in this Giant Global Brain thing, and you look at the moral progress that is entailed in human development in human history...I think it raises the question, is [Grooveshark part of] some larger purpose unfolding on this planet that we're part of.” I think I'll leave it at that. Welcome to the hive.

Kimberly Paul said...

Ben - twenties, unmarked. Thanks sug.

Jeff - ummm...I'll take the red pill I guess.

melissa said...

and a butterscotch sunday. i guess. grooveshark is the shit. please keep me updated on what you're listening to, i'd like to branch out a bit. nothing bluegrass though, i'm so OVER people trying to suggest newage blugrass meets rockabilly punk. hey dad, you may dig it though. try "trampled by turtles"de