Sunday, June 27, 2010

New England in the Summer

We're back!  But also :( .  As of Wednesday, we have officially been back in the US, and, yeah, I miss Spain.  Buttttt, we flew into JFK in New York City and for the past few days have been in Salisbury, Connecticut staying with my sis's roommate.  I just love it here, it is so green and lush and beautiful.  And everyone we've met is so so nice.  Plus, it's my first time in New England, and seeing the area has been great.  We drove through three states in 20 minutes to get back to our friends house!  Pretty cool.  Also, please to do not be confused, New York City is not part of New England, I have learned it most certainly is not.  So for now, we're relaxing in CT, up next road trip out West.

PS Now that we're back, I definitely have some of my own photos from Spain/Portugal/Morocco to put up

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Sophie and Morgan said...

Perhaps this is tactless to ask but can you give me an estimate on cost for this Western Europe excursion so I can start saving. I want to go badly!