Monday, May 31, 2010

Can I be a Madrileña too?

Spain has been so amazing.  We just spent a week in Madrid; the city was so vibrant, a bit gritty, and full of so much to see and do.  We had such an incredible time just wandering the windy, narrow streets.  And yes, the tapas bars are amazing...I love that tradition, jumping from one place to another for small, delicious snacks.  My favorite foodies experience was at the Mercado San Miguel, a warehouse with glass walls in which bars, fisheries, tapas bars, meat counters, cheese counters, and many others set up and people hop from one to the next trying out everyone´s specialty.  It was sooo good.

Photo of downtown Madrid from here.

We´ve just bused down from Madrid to Granada in the Andulcia region, and the city has already charmed me to bits.  There are so many pedestrian only streets and but the best is in the details, like the lamp post are different on different streets with really cool designs.  We´re off to a pinnacle in Islamic architecture in Spain today, the Alhambra.  I´m pretty excited, I love the style, ornate details, courtyards...

Next it´s onto a week on the Spanish Mediterranean before we jump over the Strait of Gibraltar for a few days in Fez, Morocco - super excited about this one.


Jeff said...

Kim, Madrid looks beautiful! Did you hunt for an apartment there?

Camille Lewis said...

umm.... WHAT?!?!?

You are in Spain?!?! I was in Spain exactly 2 days ago!! How random/ironic and awesome. We were in Barcelona and Cadaques (which were both incredible), so if you get a chance check them out. But what you have planned sounds amazing as well.

Anyway... have fun my friend! Viva Espana!