Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Festival Pictures

After one crazy weekend, too many nights with too little sleep, and soooo much good music, I'm back in school and work and reality.  Pretty much I'm too wrecked to even write a decent Coachella debrief post right now, so this post is going to be primarily photos.  But rest assured a catch-up post is in the works, and I'll let you know all about the festival.


Passion Pit

Pretty Lights

Melissa and Rob

Echo & the Bunnymen

Fever Ray

Fever Ray

End of Night One


becca said...

i can't remember, is rob your brother? anyway, he looks way creepy in that pic.

what are you going to nyc for?

Kimberly Paul said...

Yeah, he is. He looks totally creepy, all skinny and hollow cheeked, haha.

I'm actually flying out of NYC, cheaper than DC, heading off to Spain and Portugal this summer.