Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lucent Dossier

I decided the other day I should make a portfolio. Okay, lets be real, my "portfolio" will probably end up consisting of an iphoto album of some pictures I like, maybe I'll get a few printed, and every once in awhile I'll look at it. But, compiling pictures is way more entertaining than studying or writing papers. Thus...a portfolio. So anyway, I was looking through some old pictures I had of Coachella, a music and arts festival in the desert outside of Los Angeles, and I came across LUCENT DOSSIER.

For those unfamiliar, Lucent is a dance troupe of sorts; fantastic yet insane, a Wes Anderson type circus meets David Lynch, pretty much how I imagine the journey through the rabbit hole. Okay, so they put on a good show. See them if you can. Plus, they make for some great photo subjects.

By the way, speaking of Wes, I'm a pretty big fan (I won't mention how many times I've seen Royal Tenenbaums or the Life Aquatic), so I'm really interested to see how his new one, the Fantastic Mr. Fox came out. If you saw it, let me know what you thought.

Some Lucent pictures from Coachella 2009:

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Ringmaster Roger said...

Thanks for your blog on Lucent... I hope you don't mind... but I copied and pasted your blog and featured it in Lucent Dossier's Myspace blog (w/o the last paragraph... since that seemed a more personal blog not for Lucent)... I credited you and left a link to the original blog... if you're not ok with this just let me know... but I'm thinking it will get more people to see your work (beautiful portfolio by the way!)