Saturday, November 7, 2009

National Gallery of Art

So, recently I've taken to spending as much free time as I can here. I just love being there. A friend and I have even started studying inside. Plus they show films every weekend through out the day -- Classics, Brit Noir, early Buster Keaton, etc -- and every Sunday evening a music concert, world renowned musicians, vocalists, orchestras, etc. It's really incredible. I'm jumping on the guided tour circuit today. Starting out with French Collection: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century. I let you know how it is.

Did you know the East Building was designed by I.M. Pei? aka Pyramids of the Louvre, that huge Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, about a million other really cool buildings. Learned that the other day.

Well, I suppose lastly in the spirit of my tour to come, let's give it up for Manet. I can't say he's my favorite Impressionist - though wow, maybe he is - but his painting of the barmaid on absinthe (the kind that made you depressed and hallucinate), who's possibly a high class prostitute, jumps more frequently to my mind than most other paintings. I can't wait to learn more.


warmislandsun said...

You are making me homesick for DC, but in a good way! I love the NGA, most definitely my favorite place in all of DC. I have spent many hours on a couch in front of my favorite painting. Thank you for this post.

Kimberly Paul said...

I absolutely love the this place, glad to meet another NGA lover! Hope you get to visit soon.